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Subject: Matter /Johannes Kepler Quarter as information

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 22:10:39 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch 

To: laferrera@luebeck.org, hamburg@baustolz.de, stefan@scharfschwerdt-immobilien.de

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To Bonava Germany GmbH      

Moorfuhrweg 17

22301 Hamburg


To the 

Hanseatic City of Luebeck

Luebeck, 23 March 2022

That German-language document you may find here!


Johannes Kepler Quarter

Now I've had enough of you!

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Bonova GmbH, Dear Readers, 

Today, on Wednesday morning at around 7:00 a.m., a loud, prolonged droning noise came from the construction site Am Aehrenfeld of your Johannes-Kepler-Quartier, which must already be described as bodily harm, as all sides of the existing apartment buildings Am Aehrenfeld and Brandenbaumer Landstraße are covered by your current construction complex and the droning noise can therefore also be concentrated directly in my flat!

But now I've had enough of you and your kind! 

What do you think you are doing? What do you actually allow yourselves to do with my person? 

Through your morbid behaviour, you are virtually encouraging the tenants here in the building to "work off" at my person, or whatever you have to call such frightening behaviour, because in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday there was another bang above my bedroom at about 11:45 p.m., so that one's heart almost stops and one can no longer fall asleep light-heartedly!

This is already the fourth or fifth time this year in this intended for my person life-threatening way and if you should have actually fallen asleep, then you are doped up by your construction workers in the morning and no longer know where to leave your head!

Quite apart from this, my husband can only sleep in the living room, which is on the opposite gable end of the house from your building site, but the staircase area is also frequently abused as a metal noise source.      

This is now only a small excerpt from the whole living misery, as a result of which my person has already had to visit an orthopaedist, because living here at Am Aehrenfeld is simply no longer bearable!

Of course, this has high consequences for you and everyone else involved, which my person will explain to you and others only briefly, in that you and others will immediately stop the entire above-mentioned building complex and have it removed brick by brick by hand. 

New: Kepler-Quarter (maerchen-kaiserin.de)

A letter to this effect has long been ready and has been published on my person's various homepages. The sewage system will also have to be bared again so that you will know what the matter is. If you have already concluded rental contracts or sold them as condominiums, then please cancel the contracts.

Even if you and your ilk will continue to play at high costs and there will be tenants in the new flats, these people, who certainly were and are also aware of me, will have to evict and move back into their old flats or move into the flats or houses of those responsible in exchange. 

The erection of a housing container should not pose any major problems for you, in that you will be allowed to move into it if necessary and, if necessary, to put it up in your current front garden or patio garden, or else you and some others will put the container up in Ukraine in a shattered city like Mariupol right next to a rebuilding of the houses after the war is over, so that you will understand what you have allowed yourselves to do and who my person is. 

Furthermore, for the Ukrainian women with children who have lost their husbands or fathers in the war, flats or houses of the people of Luebeck will have to be evicted, so that these refugees can move into the vacant flats or houses, because, as repeatedly justified, a control centre for the world will be set up in Luebeck, but the situation has now changed or worsened as a result of the war, which the people of Luebeck or also the Hamburg contemporary witnesses could have prevented in the matter.

For this reason, the homeless Luebecker citizens will also move to Ukraine until the houses in Ukraine are ready for occupancy, and then in exchange everyone will have to go back to their home country and their homes.

So you and others learn to deal with the truth properly as a contemporary witness, which is sad enough and costly enough and you get to know my person properly, which does not mean that the Ukrainians will be in ignorance of the monumental events through my person but certainly were not in knowledge for several years or even decades.

Should the Africans and especially the African children have to starve to death by the millions because of the war, because you and your kind have difficulties with the truth as the contemporary witnesses in the matter and prefer to let my person be seriously injured or more, then you and all others will also learn to starve in the same way and with the same consequences.

Because even if my person should no longer be able to have these resolutions implemented, then someone else or something else will certainly do it with other means and other measures, nevertheless I do not wish that on anyone!

You will please get down to reality and have the entire housing complex demolished in time without the use of artificial energy by means of aids, as already ordered, and you will create a ripe cornfield over the entire area after the demolition work has been completed, so that you and other people of Luebeck will never forget my person and the Third World again!   

All Royal Danish Ambassadors will also vacate all their domiciles and move into equivalent or comparatively simple flats, where my person has very often had to suffer serious bodily harm and more at the hands of fellow residents, which does not mean that my person has not fought back!

Note: If money and luxury have thrown after you, as is the case especially with an ambassador, then you obviously do not need to perform as required, but are allowed to remain mediocre, even if this means that wars or the destruction of the world would be the order of the day, or not?

If there are no viable proposals for solutions on the table, as already ordered, for ending the wars worldwide through the diplomacy of ambassadors and diplomats, then the price for every human being will rise accordingly!

Ursula Sabisch


HP: In the future my person will please choose herself the neighbours here and there and that can only mean: The flats at Am Aehrenfeld 15 will please all be vacated except for the ground floor, exactly as already ordered in writing, and please do so without delay as well!

An apology is no longer appropriate and adequate and a revocation of the order is, as usual, excluded!

Document checked 27. March 2022.