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The World-Cultural-

Heritage in 2024

Wars of the End Times

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany
To President Biden

To President Putin

To the EU

To the WHO

To King Juergen


Luebeck, 19
March 2022

Security and Freedom are Values that everyone interprets differently, but a gigantic Famine is unmistakable!

Please let tha German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Readers,
A young social worker with southern roots, who herself spent some time in a refugee camp in order to better understand the people concerned and their hardships, said something very true on a talk show:

A human being can really only be free, if no other human being has to suffer hunger or his human dignity is disregarded by doing everything humanly possible. This is a view or interpretation of freedom that my person strives for and this realisation ultimately also really makes a person free!

We have now become acquainted with another view or interpretation of freedom through the war between Ukraine and Russia, in that Ukraine would like to present itself as a free, sovereign state and, regardless of Russia's demands and security concerns, which related to a possible stationing of NATO in Ukraine, Russia asserted as one of the world powers, but Ukraine, regardless of this, wanted to enter the EU as a democracy and become a member state of NATO, but now, on the contrary, through a war with Russia, many people have become very unfree as a result!

This unfreedom will now become bigger and more dangerous every day, as the bombed Ukraine is the granary of the world and also the farmers had to leave their farms due to the war, whereby Russia also exports food to many of the African developing countries, but the export routes or ports are no longer freely available for Russia, which as a result and consequence will be a great famine in Africa, which will cause many deaths and especially many children, and this is not possible at all or obviously only with a natural "supply balance" of dead from the EU, the USA or the rest of the world.
Through this next famine, it will become clear that my person will no longer receive her claimed pocket money, as it will remain tied to two conditions and one of them is to end hunger in the world.

Without the pocket money, however, there is also no possibility of being able to bring about a positive change in the history of time, since without a possible control in the matter, an uncontrolled takeover or destruction of the world becomes possible!

As a rule, masses of people are killed by epidemics or pandemics, by earthquakes or chemical or nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents, diseases or else by the forces of nature!
However, an unknown dangerous unfreedom of all, which has largely arisen through a so-called freedom of a killing of an unborn life of many individuals, goes even further for natural reasons and leads much higher until this "unfreedom" in the form of Ufos will forcibly come back to earth as a boomerang and for this one should acquire enough knowledge through the present war to be able to react correctly and with foresight in the first case!

Strictly speaking, this could mean that there could already have been scouts of at least one alien species and that the targets or sensitive points of attack on Earth are known, not to mention a surveillance state via satellites.
In Ukraine in particular, the act of creating a human being is being played fast and loose, with not only abortions but also surrogate motherhood being the order of the day.

This is the result of a free and emancipated woman who can buy her desire for a child through another body, including the birth pains of other socially weak women, and let these women enslave themselves as surrogate mothers through their bodies.

Seen in this light, one wonders what kind of men these are in Ukraine who, on the one hand, humiliate or enslave their wives, their sisters or their daughters through surrogacy by being paid for it and, on the other hand, want to fight as patriots or are now forced to go to war and wage war against the military giant Russia.
Also, these many and also partly naïve tall tales and twisted facts of the political stage, which come as a matter of course from the affected Eastern bloc states, say a lot about the mentality, about the culture and religion, but most probably also about the languages of the Ukrainians, the Russians and the Belarusians.

One also wonders what happens in the many laboratories with the aborted killed life as a waste product and what experiments will take place there and what else is to be found in chemical warfare development.
Should Ukraine really have been a socially weak country, my person wonders, based on the behaviour of the people in a leadership position, why there is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and why there are another three large nuclear power plants, which also have to be maintained at great expense, whereas the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl already had a serious reactor accident in 1986 and my person wonders*, where the fuel rods and nuclear waste have been disposed of or stored all these years, when the country may not have provided sufficient funds for proper maintenance, disposal or storage of the nuclear waste.
The same applies, of course, to many other states and not only to socially weak states on earth and not only to Ukraine, but Ukraine is a war zone right now and so these and other questions must be allowed.

Should you and other political diplomatic leaders again not be able to initiate a joint European solution with Russia and President Putin as well as with NATO "fast-tracked", as already ordered and commanded, by immediately ending the approaching famine in Africa, and should you not be able to officially recognise the predetermined world leadership as already justified several times, whereby all state borders are maintained, then also soon no pleading and praying will help, then it will go round at some point especially through the described freedom, which excludes every human right!

The possibility of preventing the coming famine catastrophe by the millionaires and billionaires of the world is also given, as repeatedly justified in writing!

Ursula Sabisch


Mount Olympus (gold-ass.de)

Note: Nobody can know exactly what nationality the pilot of a Russian fighter plane has and from which commander the order of a targeted bombing came and was executed! 

Document checked on 20 April 2022.