Lucky You!

Germany, January 5, 2021

The German language document you may find here!

For the Attension of Mr. Donald Trump

White House USA

Dear Readers, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With regard to the linked e-mail, my person would like to explain that my person has "studied" the "clinical picture" of certain people, which shows the same or similar symptoms that a Mr. D. Trump also brings home.

As a rule, this disordered behavior has a lot to do with the lack of protection of a natural self-confidence, in that an unnaturally developed self-confidence controls and shapes people, as this lack of protective function in particular demands a certain subservience of the opposite sex and often very clearly comes across.

The causes are mostly in the childhood and adolescence of these affected people, for which the mother is usually not blameless for a boy, but the father is often the cause due to a lacking or insufficient role model function.

In other words: If such people like Mr. D. Trump get into a rivalry, as happened in the penultimate presidential election, and then a woman as Mrs. H. Clinton is the rival or opposing candidate of a person who is dysfunctional in this regard, then all criminal machinations are legitimate and "clean" for such people “in the sense of an unspoken right“, what one among others was able to clearly watch via TV through the election campaign against Mrs. H. Clinton at that time, in which Mr. D. Trump clearly attacked by positioning himself behind Mrs. H. Clinton when she publicly declared her position.

What then often comes on top of that is the certified success, even if it was most likely achieved through criminal machinations or electoral fraud, whereby this "crooked" success is a confirmation coming from all sides for such a dysfunctional  person and takes place, in that he then sees and defined himself as the legitimate election winner.

He cannot completely shake off these processes, especially if these challenges of a rivalry or election campaigns are repeated, but if the rival is a "white-skinned" man, as is the case of Mr. J. Biden, then the situation is somewhat different for such a person.

Now he knows the processes of electoral fraud exactly and wants to protect himself in advance through such a possible process by making it publicly clear that he will not allow electoral fraud, by warning the other side in this regard and making it clear as a preventive measure that he is legitimately involved to want to stay in the power!

Now, however, he has most likely honestly lost the election but cannot accept that, because there is another way, as he himself will know exactly!

It is characteristic of such a dysfunctional one, to go to the front with all the lies and then can also publicly accuse others of being criminal offenders!

For this reason too, the truth must be taken into account, because, according to my own assumptions, Mrs. H. Clinton was the true winner of the penultimate election campaign and she would have been the actual President of the USA.

However, this is only my opinion and assumption, but the clinical picture of those affected people usually continues as a reversal of the truth, which often draws attention to other people and distracts from oneself, is the order of the day!

This also explains the professional and concentrated lies that others can then accept, because the lies can easily be professionally packaged and many millions of the population can identify with them through the beneficial thinking of these packaged lies and thus feel understood!

For this reason or by this document that has now become public, no earthly court will be allowed to judge such a person, if the content of the dcument become confirmed, since we as humanity are not far before the final judgment or, more precisely, we are moving* in front of it, so also Mrs. H. Clinton must be involved please, into the affairs of government in the USA, as well as the vice-president female of the current election winner, whereby, as already ordered, Mr. B. Obama and Mr. D. Trump will make a delimitation through clear division of tasks, which have already been determined, but this government exclusively can be legitimate under the leadership of the Authorities!

The same applies not only to the USA, but to all states and current rulers worldwide, whereby an actor-function of the not called person may take place as a rule.

The day will come for everyone when the above-mentioned „ bad stories“ could be made public via TV, which means, that one has to react sensibly to these "filmed" truths by checking these publications in advance for the truthfulness and, if necessary, the convicted criminals or perpetrators must be given the opportunity to give a correspondingly high service to the injured party or to provide an extremely high service for society!

Note: To take the law in one`s own hand  is not an option for anyone! That is and remains a matter of the Monumental-Area!

Please all be sensible and decent and fit into the matter!

With best regards,

Ursula Sabisch

Note: No other president or any other president female would most likely had banned abortions in the USA, only someone, who has a motive for this legislation!

That was, and is, and remains very decisive for all of humanity and a great luck not only for the USA, which has always directed itself to the forefront of humanity and has moved, when you consider that it be or were preferably Americans, who have installed APPLE, Google or Mircosoft or who are exploring space with all its technical challenges, which is directly linked to the worldwide satellite connections!