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A sandbox is obviously not enough for the little boys!

Shame on you, you sick creatures, and be grateful that my person, among others, is still alive!  You and your kind can be prepared for the appropriate and adequate retaliation!

Luebeck, 28 March 2022


Regrettably, it does indeed look as if there is an intent to inflict bodily harm through very deliberate noise pollution caused by the construction workers.

You and your kind obviously belong to the generations that grew up through a so-called anti-authoritarian upbringing. Just because your parents were obviously not able to educate you and your kind properly, other people now have to suffer because of it!

Quite apart from that, this makes it even harder for me and I would have to do even more here in Lübeck, because some tasks can hardly be managed with spoilt brats! So it is high time to call men onto the scene and for this reason this warning is published! 

Perhaps it really makes more sense to call the American on the scene!

That would mean that there are people who are allowed to live for free and there are people who have to do their actual work but also other people's work!

Remember: The reckoning will follow in any case! !

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